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Social Science Major

The social science major at SDSU has two tracks:

  1. The general social science major is an interdisciplinary major where students learn to analyze and critically examine  social, political, cultural, and economic phenomena by studying human  behavior and  social processes. Social science research attempts to understand how  society works through behavioral or social explanations. The social sciences at SDSU consist of Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, and Sociology, with additional courses from related disciplines.

  2. The second track is the social science major in preparation for the single-subject teaching credential. This track is designed for students who want to teach history, geography, government, or economics in middle or high schools. As part of this track,  there is a new program called the Integrated Teaching Education Program, that allows students to earn a bachelor's degree and teaching credential in only four years (typically it takes five).


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Information for those interested in an interdisciplinary major that provides a broad understanding of Social Science and its disciplines.

Information for those interested in teaching history, government, geography, or economics in middle and high schools; this includes the traditional pathway and ITEP.